What Matters Now

Course Overview

This program is not for people who want to fiddle at the margins. it’s a program for people who want to change their organizations root-and branch. It’s for people who understand that more of the same is no longer enough.

Often in organizations we have this kind of that some people are very imaginative and many people aren’t. This program aims at changing it by giving people the tools and theperspectives they need to constantly see new opportunities. The program also offers perspective into how you equip an organization for the digital media generation. These digital natives are coming to work with

an entirely new set of expectations. They bring refreshing perspective of Humanocracy instead of bureaucracy. They bring the demand for contribution rather than credential.

What Matters Now is organized around the 5 transformative challenges that organizations face in this era of relentless and unprecedented change.

Key Outcomes

As a workshop participant, you’ll be:

  • inspired and enthused and find tools and ideas that change the way you think
  • equipped and better able to build the kind of organization that you want to work in

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