Transforming Individuals, Teams & Organizations


Everyone Deserves a Great Learning Experience

At Learning Minds, we believe that everyone deserves to have a great learning experience. As a training and development company for more than 12 years, we’ve been training thousands of amazing professionals, from frontline executives to managers to c-suite executives, who go out every day to bring out the best in themselves and their people, create great places to work vk, and deliver real bottom-line results for their organizations.

Our Mission

To be resourceful in unleashing people potential that contributes
towards clients’ success.


Learning Minds began with a dynamic duo, Sohail Zindani and Shama Zindani. Sohail exceled at transforming client organizations while Shama ensured that Learning Minds is rooted in firm principles and practices that can consistently deliver value to clients.

Their vision—to transform individuals, teams and organizations, was not a smooth ride. Challenges of acceptance and recognition were the early companions. But with persistent focus on results for clients, they quickly assembled a great team of professionals, thinkers, consultants, marketers, and researchers that could expand this vision and expertise.

Now, over 13 years later, Learning Minds continues to transform individuals, teams and organizations through cutting-edge learning solutions.

Proof of success: 85% of Learning Minds total engagement are referral-based and through committed, partner-like, long-term clients.


We focus on building clarity as we believe confidence follows clarity. We focus what we do best and strive to build on our strengths to maximize the impact for our clients.


Excellence demands agility, not stagnancy. We collaborate with our clients and encourage new, divergent ways of thinking to overcome challenges, solve problems, and make improvements.


We take pride in the trust we enjoy from our clients and colleagues. We are fair and ethical, and follow through on our commitments to our employees and our clients.


We value the spirit of compassion, humility, and abundance. We strive to create connected relationships, serve others, and have fun.


Everyone at Learning Minds takes personal responsibility for keeping our company agile, innovative, and healthy, so that we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives.

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