Wellbeing Initiative

The Wellbeing Initiative Your Company Needs

There’s a lot more to wellness than physical health. At a larger scale, it  include elements like social support, health education and proper support for mental health issues, all built into a culture that sees workers as whole person.

Your company needs a wellbeing program for the whole person – not just a cosmetic fix.

Imagine feeling stressed about your finances, having trouble with an important relationship or being significantly overweight. If your employer sent out a challenge to complete 10,000 steps every day for a month, do you think that would help you? Probably not — in fact, it might just add to your worries.

That’s because there is more to experiencing a healthy, fulfilling life than just being physically healthy.

Learning Minds approach to addressing wellbeing includes fivedimensions: physical health, career, mental, social and financial wellbeing.

So what does an ideal wellbeing initiative look like?
  • Organization integrates all five elements of wellbeing into the HR strategy, employee development efforts and benefits offerings.
  • Leaders carefully select and train managers, who are the organization’s biggest influencers of wellbeing and engagement.
  • The organization creates a highly communicative environment where people are treated fairly and where leaders understand how to prevent wellbeing crisis.

Learning Minds collaborates with clients that focus on holistic wellbeing.

Learning Minds Wellbeing framework can help you “DO-IT”
  • Decode your culture and offer a customize wellbeing initiative
  • Organize your workforce by developing a shared understanding and belief among senior leadership and the workforce at all levels.
  • Incorporate wellbeing initiative through a year-long roll-out plan.
  • Transform your ecosystem through ongoing monitoring, accountability and reinforcement mechanisms for the long-term impact

An investment in holistic wellbeing yields multiple ROIs.

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