Bitesize Learning

We respect your time and budget which is why you won’t find any flannel or fillers in our courses, just tools and techniques you can use straight away. Our range of 90-minute bitesize learning sessions give you the highly focused shot of knowledge that you need to immediately boost performance. And this is not for millennials – this is for everyone!

Why Learning Minds Bitezise Learning?

  • You’ll learn more in short bursts
  • Time-friendly – sessions are only 90 minutes
  • Up to 20-30 delegates in a session
  • Fully flexible sessions designed for your needs
  • ‘Brain-friendly’ learning methods to help you absorb learning
  • Focused on one core issue to make a real difference
  • Fun, engaging and colorful sessions – you won’t forget your new skills!

List Of Available Courses

Mindfulness & Consciousness
Diversity & Inclusion
Stress Management & Improving Focus
Personal Branding & Impact
Coaching Skills
Getting Things Done
Conducting Effective Interviews
Handling Difficult Behavior
Tips on Delegating Effectively

High Performing Teams
Making Meetings Matter
Communicating for Impact
Tips on Negotiating Effectively
Project Management Top Tips
Discover Goals With SPIRIT
Excel Tools and Tips

Short, Stimulating, Performance Boosting

Your Best Option For

An Early Morning Eye-opener

A Lunch and Learn Session

An Afternoon Energizer

Interested in Bite-sized Learning?