Whether you are looking for animated videos, product videos or corporate videos, we’ve got you covered. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of you and your target audience, so we can help you communicate your story in the most engaging way possible.

The job of an HR/Talent/OD Manager isn’t so easy. It gets harder day by day specially with promoting employers as a brand. Media is growing, becoming complex and there is a diversity in audiences making it even more challenging, And that’s where Reel and the power of employer branding video production can help.

Video is an influential way of communicating important messages. Whether it is about company policies/changes or staff introduction resources, team building or training highlights; reel can give you its services.

Videos give an experience which inspires people to take action, motivate or influence people in ways that no other medium can. Which is why corporate messages can be delivered through a powerful video, whether the purpose is to advertise a product, introduce someone on board or training courses for your employees.

Educate, Inspire & Drive Real Change with your Training Videos

Is it getting too difficult to convince your employee to read a training booklet? Do your customers need to learn how to use your product or service effectively?

Our training video can answer all your questions. When your audience feels engaged, they retain information longer. Combining the important messages and creating a compelling story, you can deliver your audience the perfect experience.

Reel aims to create creative animations, graphics and explainer videos that convey complex messages easily. To help your business grow, we specialize in producing 2D/3D motion graphics, character animation, doodle animation.

You need more Videos

Digital Media Videos: We can produce videos specifically for your social media platforms. Use our video expertise to create paid or organic video content.

Interview: A genuine way to deliver key messages is interview videos. It adds human centric stories to enhance brand image.

Episodes / E-Learning: Shifting towards the digital era, whether small businesses or large companies, e-learning courses engage and create amazing learning experiences.

Events: We create event highlights for any kind of event. Our event video production team can capture detailed moments with high video quality.

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