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To get where organizations want to go, they need to know where they are. Organizational Employee surveys can be a powerful tool to assist leaders in building a profitable and successful business. No one should ever attempt to lead an organization without an accurate financial accounting system. Employee surveys provide an accounting of the level of employee commitment on key factors that drive the organization’s success.

Effective employee surveys produce feedback that is meaningful and useful relative to employee engagement, satisfaction and commitment. After years of experience helping organizations create surveys and deliver feedback, Learning Minds has perfected the organizational survey process to consistently bring significant change to companies we serve.

Learning Minds Employee Survey Help Organizations Drive Change Through:
  • Identifying key strengths and potentially fatal flaws in the organization
  • Ensuring the survey measures an organization’s unique issues
  • Selecting survey items from dimensions that statistically separate the best from the worst organizations
  • Providing both standardized and customized surveys with benchmark comparisons*
  • Engaging managers at all levels in the feedback process
  • Supplying user-friendly custom feedback reports and data analyses
  • Collaborating with executives to create an action-oriented development plan

* where ever possible

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