Essential Coaching Habits For Busy Managers

Course Overview

Loads of people have written about “manager as coach”, and most get it wrong. The faulty thinking is the belief that managerial coaching is successful when you convince, cajole and manipulate your staff to do what you want them to do.

This program is different. The goal is not to control your staff, but to empower them to think and to act. Sohail created this simple, elegant three step framework for how to do this, built on the most foundational coaching skill of all: asking questions. The program conclusively focuses on research on habit formation so that this coaching habit can be something you can use every day.

Key Outcomes

  • Encourages remote teams to communicate, build relationships and innovate with shared focus.
  • Enacts resilient and curious cultures where people flourish.
  • Brings a new understanding of how curiosity helps us work less hard and have more impact.
  • Helps build a practice of curiosity by asking more and better questions and resisting the urge to give advice.

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