The Power of Faith

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Do you ever feel like things are moving too fast and it’s getting difficult for you to keep up? You’re certainly not alone.

Sometimes, all you want to do is get away from the relentless issues that seem to be increasing as time goes by. While going on a vacation is everybody’s dream, it’s no secret that a retreat is rarely ever possible.

Irrespective of how fast time flies, there’s one thing that always acts as an anchor in tough times and that’s faith. Read all about the role of creed in our everyday lives and why we cannot function effectively without it.

Spiritual Development in Islam

No matter how busy you get, the one thing that is bound to make your purpose in life clear is faith. If you ponder on what the goal of Islam is, you’d know that it’s spiritual elevation.

The beauty of this faith is that everyone is welcome and the offer to attain eternal success is open to all. But there are some conditions that require deep thinking and reflection on all the things God has created, including humans themselves.

The objective behind awakening a person’s spirituality is to purify one’s heart, mind and soul from the evils present in this world. This is where your own will and efforts to better yourself come in, as without it, it’s not possible to ascend towards permanent success.

Why Do We Need to Ascend Towards Spiritual Development?

Provides Opportunity for Constant Self-Improvement

Any successful person that you know would tell you that one of the things they constantly engage in is the act of improving themselves.

The moment you start believing that you’re fine as you are, it becomes a starting point of your

Our faith tells us that irrespective of what we do, there will always be room for improvement.

This kind of psychology is inherently motivating because you’re constantly moving towards a certain direction.

Gives an Unfailing Purpose in Life

Without a higher calling or established purpose in life, anything that you ever do will be short-sighted and temporary.

Even if you’re donating your time and resources at a social welfare organization, if that act is not driven by a purpose to please God, the chances of you doing it for show or dropping the act altogether are much higher.

One of the foundations of our religion is to instill the right kind of fear and love of God. This is because if a person genuinely possesses God-consciousness, he/she will try their best to be a stable member of society even when nobody is looking.

Sets the Right Intention

It inculcates this drive to practice restraint and tolerance for everyone’s betterment. Imagine steering a car the way you want to maneuver it. At worst, not only are you a peril to others on the road, but also to yourself.

So, when your desires become the sole driver of your actions, it opens a can of worms because now, other people’s needs don’t matter. Hence, faith in Islam is meant to tame humans and help them use their capabilities for the betterment of society as a whole.


All in all, faith is a huge source of tranquility, among other things, as it helps us connect to God with humility and trust, knowing that whatever is to come is in His Capable Hands and meant solely for our betterment