People Management Toolkit

Course Overview

Where does execution happen in your organization? Who carries out the strategies formulated in the executive suite? It happens at the front lines, where business is conducted in real time, where engaged employees perform at high levels to drive results, where your organization succeeds or fails. Learning Minds knows that a solid bottom line requires strong leaders at the front lines. These leaders might be new to the job, experienced supervisors or team managers, tenured middle managers, or even informal leaders who lead without position power.

Participants will be able to

  • Understand the Managerial Challenge
  • Communicate effectively to get things done!
  • Understand the reasoning and importance of clear goals and performance standards
  • Develop new skills that will help them create motivating environments
  • Learn an innovative feedback method for trainees—and experienced personnel
  • Utilize the power of Influence
  • Coach and Mentor, rather than Direct and Tell

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