5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Mental Health

By Dr. Anam Zehra – Trainer & Consultant

Just as we are trying to comprehend and cope with the fear of what this strand of corona virus can do to our lives and taking all the possible prevention against it – similarly now there is a need to address the stress and anxiety its bringing to you, your loved ones and perhaps your teams working remotely.

Here are some simple measures that we all can incorporate and step ahead in our self-care:

  • Health Always Comes First

Take immense care of your diet – your lifestyle is changing gradually and so should your diet – eating double of what you used to just because food is accessible while working from home is not a cool idea. Being physically active is equally crucial. Reduce sitting for longer period, its recommended to take 3-5 minutes break every 20-30 minutes. Try to indulge yourself in workouts, go out for a walk – achieve as much you can while maintaining social distancing.

  • Take a Break from Breaking News

Step one, select responsibly the news sources you are trusting for your information – not every source is as reliable, and any false or over exaggerated information can unnecessarily increase your anxiety levels. Step two is step away from news and constant social media feeds, it’s good to stay informed but make sure you are taking a break away every now and then.

  •  Stay Connected with Family and Friends:

We have always been complaining that we never get enough time to catch up with our old friends and relatives – now is the time to get in touch with them virtually. It’s extremely refreshing to just talk and share your experiences with them. Not only it gives you a sense of connection but also a lot of comfort that you are not alone in this situation.

  • Build a Constant Routine

Building a right routine for yourself always helps reducing stress. It gives a sense of accomplishment to your mind when you are able to achieve a certain set of planned tasks every day. Don’t aim big right away, take small steps to build a routine that suits you and supports you for being the best version of yourself.

  • Create a Self-Care Plan

Design a self-care plan that serves as a roadmap to your personal health. This will protect you from burnout. Self-care is different for everyone – start by writing down things that make you happy and contribute towards your wellbeing. Your plan would be effective once you feel you are able to steer through the stress in your life. Make it more interactive by sharing how you feel about it with friends and family.

We all realize that we can’t serve from an empty vessel, hence take care of yourself and take care of others around you to be more positive and well every day.