Women, Will and Work

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By Team Learning Minds

March 2019 marks my 11th work anniversary at Learning Minds. It has been 13 years since I started my journey with my soulmate and business partner, Sohail Zindani.

Being a working woman who has spent over a decade in the corporate world, I feel that women in the workforce are still viewed as an exception, despite the fact that we have seen so many women entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders from all walks of life.

I have always been vocal about advancement of women in the workplace. At Learning Minds, most of our workforce is women, and I have no regrets about it. We have done well so far.

However, I believe that women at work can only succeed if they are willing to succeed. Trust me, men can survive without this – but for women, the will to survive & succeed is non-negotiable.

Why Will Gets So Critical?

  • Women, as compared to men, have to prove themselvestwice, if not thrice, to prove their competence. Resonates with you? I work with my husband, and without any bias, I think he is one of the smartest brains to work with. Even then, I can quote millions of instances where his 1 right decision out of 10 was labeled as visionary and my 7 out of 10 was credited to luck.
  • Women are judged on their achievements. Men normally get away with potential only. Not that I mean that men don’t achieve much. They do. They certainly do. But a woman’s under achievement somehow gets directly linked to the entire gender while a man’s under achievement may be an outcome of work pressure or lack of enough coaching.
  • Motherhood is abnormal and fatherhood is normalat workplace. I bet, if men go through the same level of bias (in promotions, diversification of assignments, change of roles) as women do, you’ll have a massive increase in earnings of occupational & clinical psychologists, and God forbid, a hike in suicide rate as well.
  • A Woman is expected to take care of her home and children, no matter where she works, how she works, and how much she works. I personally think it’s definitely a woman’s job to take care of home and children, men lack mental and physical toughness to handle this responsibility. However, the support-system [or I must say, the lack of support system] under which a woman is expected to perform this duty is very disturbing.

What are your views on this? I would love to hear from you.

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