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What you’ll take away?

  • Tools for how to lead and stand out as you enter the ever-changing working world
  • A new understanding for what it means to grow, learn, and work hard
  • Clarity of the work that matters to you and your path forward
  • Signature “Sohail Zindani” learning experience

About Sohail Zindani

Sohail Zindani is a determined seeker of clarity. He has devoted his professional life to help advance a vision; “a world of work where everyone can thrive and be their natural best, while experiencing a sense of advancement and belonging.”

For more than 14 years in professional training and coaching work, he has discovered some remarkable patterns about how we think, act and communicate and the environments in which we operate at our natural best.

His unconventional, witty and innovative views on business and leadership have attracted significant attention. He has been influential in orchestrating transformation at few leading organizations across the region.

Who Must Attend?

  • CEOs, Directors, C-Suite Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Start-up Leaders
  • Professionals at all levels
  • Freelancers
  • College/University Students