Well-being and Happiness As An Employee Engagement Strategy

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By Anam Zehra, GM, Client Services – Learning Minds

We often confuse well-being with just physical fitness and nutrition but there is a lot more to it. It’s also about your social and community well-being that how well you are connected with the people, and also career well-being that how you are excelling in your professional life and if you are actually passionate and love the work you are doing or not. When you are doing good in all these facets of well-being you are happier and achieve more in life.

Well-being and employee engagement are closely related. When an employee is satisfied with their job, it positively affects their physical and mental health and consequently they’ll feel happier in the workplace. It’s a relationship that builds off of one another, and employers should really take advantage of that.

Gallup research found that 62% of engaged employees feel their work positively affects their physical health. However, when it comes to disengaged employees, this number drops to 39% and a mere 22% among actively disengaged employees.

So, lets discuss how well-being & happiness can improve employee engagement at your organization:

  • Stronger Workplace Relationships

Well believe it or not stronger workplace relationships have direct effect on employee health, happiness and job satisfaction. In contrast employees who don’t have enough support tend to feel more disengaged and demotivated. Well-being initiatives help in bringing teams together and engage in a more informal environment building stronger work relations.

  • Less Workplace Stress

Workplace pressure and stress is one of the biggest challenges in all the corporate organizations. If this continues for longer time it can be a clear threat to the engagement of your employees. Workout and meditation sessions at workplace help the employees to eliminate the stress in a healthy way and also increases positive interactions amongst the teams.

  • Higher Morale and Productivity

When your people are doing well in all the facets of well-being and the environment in which they are working is happier it eventually creates positive vibes around them, and they tend to focus more and are more productive at work.

When rightly implemented, well-being can play a vital role in creating an engaged and productive workforce. A happy and healthy employee is what all organizations need for success!

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