Top 7 Tips for Handling Change at Workplace

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By Team Learning Minds

Changes at workplace or living with job transitions can be very stressful. When there is a change, people want clear and strong direction. We all want to know the what, where, when, why, and then and of course how.

Exactly, when we face the unknown, we start to get a little insecure. What do we look for? Direction. Strong leadership. Clarity. Help.

Adjusting and adapting to that change doesn’t happen overnight, plus it has nothing to do with the number of degrees or years of experience you possess. It’s more about one’s ability to go with the flow, even if it requires abandoning old practices and adapting new methods.

Here are few tips to better handle change at workplace:

  1. Maintain a positive attitude:Be optimistic and maintain a good attitude, regardless of what role you are you put into or department you are transferred to.
  2. Recognize that change is constant:You need to accept the fact that change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. You need to learn to adapt.
  3. Communicate with others to learn your new role:Connect with all the stakeholders associated with the role you have just moved to. Learn from people who were in that role earlier. Be proactive in reaching out to them else your performance will suffer and it would get noticed.
  4. Be optimistic even though you might not be currently happy:Make the best use of your strengths and improve your performance. Find out the tasks that you like in your new role and build your strengths around it.
  5. Learn new skill:The secret to learning new things is to be willing to unlearn. Learn new skills required for your new job role. Make a list of skills required for the new role, invest time every week to learn that skills. Give yourself deadlines.
  6. Ask questions:Ask questions to develop yourself further for this new role. This way you show people that you are paying attention to what they say.
  7. Help others cope with change:Best way to deal with change is to help someone else struggling with it. When you know you are in same boat as the other person, you feel comfortable plus they are also more inclined towards helping you.
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