Time Management Hacks for Working Women

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By: Anam Zehra, GM Trainings – Learning Minds

Work-life balance sounds too ideal, doesn’t it? Figuring out how to make it work is always a challenge, especially when the system and the routines that we have built around us are all stacked against achieving it. To add to this chaos is a demanding career that makes things even more difficult.

Between back-to-back meetings, countless unread emails and nonstop deadlines, it’s tricky enough to squeeze in time for yourself, let alone spare out some time for lunch or dinner with your friends or spending time with your family.

Here are few tips that can save up your precious time that you can engage with your friends and family:

  • Enjoy your present

Remember that you are the source of your own time and you can make as much of it as you want.

Most of us today do not take the time to enjoy life and be present. If you fail to stay present, you will be forever stuck in a time-scarcity trap and your attention will be lost either to the misery of your past or in future-focused fear.

  • Wake up early – Elevate your Mornings

Perhaps the simplest, most effective way to squeeze more out of your day is to Get up early in the morning! This can be revolutionary in terms of increasing your productivity – you can have all the time to pray, meditate, journal and plan on your goals.

Nearly all the successful people wake up early by 6:00am – It’s a no-nonsense hack for getting stuff done. If you are not already in this habit, you need to train yourself on that. But this won’t happen overnight.  Start off by making your alarm time earlier in increments of 10 minutes each day and you’ll see yourself getting comfortable with this routine.

  • Make a shift from your To-Do List to Priority List

This is one of the most effective hacks that can be a real game changer – just write down all your tasks of the day; now highlight or order the tasks that are the most important ones. These can be the ones that are going to bring the results required or simply those that make you happy. Perform these before anything else and then jump on to the rest of the tasks.

  • Self-Care Is Essential

You’re excelling in your career, but your physical or mental health is being comprised each day because you don’t find time for yourself; we find this pattern too common. And this pattern takes a toll on our overall health over a period of time. If you find yourself following this pattern, it’s time for you to break it.

Your physical and mental health should be your top most priority; your own wellbeing is what makes you capable of what you want to achieve in life.

Allocate fixed time in your schedule for exercise, meditation and preparing healthy food. These are some simple steps towards a healthy lifestyle. These practices are as crucial to your ongoing career success as any others.

  • Identify an Environment that suits you!

Get familiar with the types of work you do best in certain time and environments. Not everyone can jump out of bed and do his or her best between 10am to 1pm. Ask yourself when you are more focused and spend that time exactly on what is more important for you.

Try experimenting with your office or other workspace, try to build your weekly routine around the places and spaces that work best for you.

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