The Self-Disruptive Leader

Course Overview

Disruptive forces are driving the future of work. This simple statement challenges all leaders.

To succeed in a rapidly changing business world now and in the years ahead, a new kind of leadership must take priority. The program focuses on distinct areas where leaders need to place their time and effort today to lead organizations successfully in the future.

Leaders need to demonstrate a new mindset in an increasingly volatile and uncertain business landscape. Mindset is an individual’s internal operating system: the mindset we have impacts how we make sense of the world. When we encounter a situation, we interpret and react to it based on our subjective interpretation. If the problems and challenges become more complex than our internal operating system is ready to deal with, we’re outmatched.

Program Takeaways:

Participants will leave with:

  • An understanding and a definition of what a self-disruptive leader looks like.
  • Insight into personal self-disruptive leadership strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • An initial plan to build self-disruptive leadership.

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