The Essentials

with Sohail Zindani

An online weekend seminar for people who care about the work they do and the people they serve.

Why we need it?

Traditionally, the world tends to focus on activities that can be measured. This includes sales numbers, a point in graph, increment, reach, etc. This continued in the Covid Era as we dedicated our energies looking at numbers like rise in poverty, decline in growth, number of causalities, etc.

Perhaps, it’s time to focus on elements that cannot be measured so precisely or can’t be easily associated to a number or a score.

Perhaps it’s time to focus on the skills that matter.

Perhaps it’s time to focus on The Essentials.

The Essentials is a movement to create community of leaders who see that it’s possible to create more value, be more generous, act more courageously, drive more change and do work that we’re proud of.

Essential Skills

(in alphabetical order)

  • Ability to Start and Stop without Drama
  • Build something Bigger
  • Clarity over Confidence
  • Creativity in the face of challenges
  • Decision making with Courage
  • Emotional Labor
  • Fanatic Problem-solving
  • Fear & Failure
  • Generosity in Action
  • Leadership – to transform the situation
  • Practical Empathy
  • Reacting v/s Responding
  • Responsibility to be Remarkable
  • Stand for something
    • And you can add few more…

What you’ll take away

  • Access to a community of people like you who seek to make a difference
  • An understanding of how to prepare for the future of work and leadership
  • Tools for how to develop your essential skills beyond the event
  • Discover human skills that robots can’t replicate

Registration & details

  • Registration opens: Friday, August27, 2021
  • Registration closes: Wednesday, September22, 2021 (or when event is full)
  • Conference Day: Saturday, September 25, 2021 [4:00pm to 5:30pm] and Sunday, September 26, 2020 [3:00pm to 4:30pm]
  • Conference Check-In: Conference e-Gate opens 30 minutes before the session. Check in must happen latest by 15minutes before the program starts. The session will be conducted over Zoom. You can sign in from one device only. We take no responsibility for your internet connections or device / software compatibility.
    • [no-refund for late comers or absentees. We will donate your fee to TCF and send you the receipt]
  • It’s a live event.The magic comes from the virtual face-to-face connections between you and the other attendees. It will not be recorded.


The cost to attend is PKR. 4,500/ USD 40per person.

Space is limited and waiting probably isn’t a good idea.

Exclusive discounts for group registrations, students, and development sector professionals.

Note: Payment details will be shared once you register.

Is it a good time to invest on Yourself?

Short answer: Yes.

And the answer is NO if you think you can order one meal in this amount.

But we understand that the times are tough and for too many of us, times have not been very kind. We’re running this live online event now because we think one of the most important things we can do to contribute is to help people learn and lead. We will be running more sessions in future, and you may consider joining us in later sessions once you have the feedback of those who attended this time. We understand that not everyone dares to step in first and that is OK.

As seats are limited and there are loads of preparation pre-event, no cancelations will be entertained. Be sure before you register. Replacements are welcome until four days before the event.