Sohail Zindani Delivers a Talk on Leadership in Action at FAST-NUCES

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Friday, November 23, 2018 – Karachi, PK – Happiness Enthusiast, Leadership Guru, and Success Coach, Sohail Zindani delivered a talk on Leadership in Action at FAST-NUCES in Karachi on November 23, 2018.

Talking to the students, he discussed in greater detail four important aspects of leadership: awareness, insights, inspiration and impact.

  • Awareness – A leader is self-aware; completely in control of his/her own mind or brain.
  • Insights – A leader is somebody who has better insights than who he/she leads.
  • Inspiration – Another trait of great leaders is that they inspire people to do things.
  • Impact – This is the most important aspect of leadership he said. Leaders are remembered based on the difference they’re able to make.

He concluded his session with a thought-proving quote, “Leadership is when your perception of life goes beyond yourself.”

He urged students to keep on asking questions no matter how illogical they may seem. “Curiosity broadens a person’s horizons and helps you look at things from different perspectives. I am hopeful that this generation of students will become better leaders than

“We are extremely grateful to Sohail Zindani for coming over to our campus and sharing great insights on Leadership with us. His unique ability to discuss serious topics in a fun-filled manner is something that sets him apart from other speakers. We’d love to invite him over for more such sessions.” said Yasir Zunair, President Character Building Society.

“The session was well-organized, and we would like to thank FAST- NUCES, especially CBS for arranging this insightful session. The best part of this session was the energy and response of students.” said Syeda Zauwia Riaz, Manager Communications and PR, Learning Minds.

“At Learning Minds, we are committed to our mission, ‘learning no matter what’ and we would love to partner with FAST-NUCES for their learning-based events in future as well”, she further added.

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