Six Thinking Hats® Workshop

Program Overview:

Imagine it. Your team has the skills and techniques they need to make the best decision. Fast. Smart. Efficient.

It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s simple once they know how. That’s where Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® come in. This systematic method of thinking in a completely new and different way will provide your employees with skills and tools that they can apply immediately! See results in days, not months.

Learning Objectives:

After your team learns the skills behind The Six Thinking Hats® system they will:

  • Hold critical meetings without any egos that would otherwise lead to bad decision making.
  • Avoid the easy but mediocre decisions by knowing how to dig deeper.
  • Increase productivity and even more importantly – be more effective.
  • Make creative solutions the norm.
  • Maximize and organize each person’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Get to the right solution quickly along with a shared vision.

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