Selling In Turbulent Times

Course Overview

When there is uncertainty in any market, there is a danger that people reduce their spending. As a salesperson, you will be hearing that “no” word more often that you did before, and it seems like the more you push, the more they say, no. When we hear the word “no” regularly, it can eat away at us. In fact, when times get tough, research shows that sales-people reduce their calls by 38 Inspired by Chinese construct of the word crisis one character stands for danger 危; the other for opportunity 机, this workshop serves as a comprehensive review of sales process to eliminate danger and enhance opportunities with the new NLP-focused techniques.

Participants will be able to

  • The most powerful NLP techniques for sales, influence & persuasion
  • The right mindset to have unlimited confidence at selling in turbulent times
  • How to develop lasting rapport with anyone instantly
  • The art of asking questions for sales, influence & persuasion – creating opportunity in crisis
  • How to deal with sales objections with authority

Possible Formats This presentation can be delivered as a 90-minutes keynote, full-day workshop, or a half-day seminar.

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