Rescuing Troubled Projects

Course Overview

Projects don’t fail on their own accord. Some sequence of events (or lack thereof) preceded its failure. All failed projects were once projects in trouble. Any project can fail, Even the most seasoned and skilled project manager may, at one time or another, find themselves at the helm of a troubled project and unless they are careful, they will encounter more. But knowing when a project is failing and what corrective action to take can get it back on track and successfully completed. While the first and most important order of business is to prevent problems, we know that if you are in trouble RIGHT NOW, the first thing you want to know is how to recover.Understanding both the human and process dimensions of successfully assessing and recovering challenged projects is key. Save your projects before they fail and fail you as a project manager.

Course Objectives:

  • (1) the prevention, (2) the recovery, and (3) the management of troubled projects
  • Recognizing the major factors that contribute to a potentially “at risk” project
  • Developing a readily usable checklist of specific causes leading to troubled projects
  • Categorizing symptoms of a troubled project so as to correctly associate it with root causes
  • Formulating plans for mitigating and/or eliminating root causes
  • Assessing the effectiveness of prevention and recovery actions and plans

Featured Trainer

Fahad Ahmed

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