Project Management Fundamentals

Course Overview

Organizations around the globe initiate projects every day to support the achievement of their strategic objectives. Research shows that as many as 80% of these projects are ultimately unsuccessful. A well-planned, well-managed project provides clarity, reduces risk, controls cost, and delivers value to the business.Effective Project Management can strengthen the business and can ensure strategic goals are consistently met. Whether you are leading a project or serving on a project team, your role has a direct effect on the success of the project – and the organization as a whole.

Course Objectives:

  • The ability to apply project management best practices in initiating, planning, executing, and closing a project
  • Recognize the Project Manager’s Roles and Responsibilities within various organizational structures and at different stages of project lifecycle
  • Manage workplace projects effectively using practical insights
  • Develop successful project management plans by defining project scope and boundaries while implementing
  • Have insight to manage budgets, quality and risk within projects
  • Effective techniques for monitoring and controlling and keeping projects on track
  • Finalize and report on projects to ensure lessons learned are captured and applied in the future

Featured Trainer

Fahad Ahmed

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