Learning Minds Successfully Conducts a One-Day Public Program on Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Sales Performance in Karachi

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – Karachi, PK // Over 25 sales professionals from Pakistan’s leading companies came together in Karachi to attend our one-day open enrolment program on Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Sales Performance facilitated by our senior trainer and consultant Naveed Ilyas Saya.

“What gets measured gets managed” is an age-old business adage. But today’s modern sales technologies enable organizations to measure just about anything, which often leads many managers to try to monitor and measure everything. As a result, managers do not have a clear sense of what’s really driving sales, while salespeople that are swamped with different metrics, get lost in the day-to day noise. The result is poor management of what matters.

The public program, divided into two modules, was aimed at helping salespeople learn how to measure the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems that provide customers with reasons and opportunities to buy their products and services.

Talking about the program, Naveed Ilyas Saya said, “Measuring sales performance is a very important step towards improving it and your organization’s bottom-line. The challenge, of course is to decide on the right metrics. Having a set standard measurement system in place will help you quickly determine the performance of your sales.”

“Sales conversion funnel of businesses are different, some businesses have a very short and simple sales funnel, whereas, others have a very long and complex sales funnel. It is therefore very important to know what type of funnel applies in your business. This information helps you pick the right sales metrics.” He further added.

For event photos, head over to our Facebook Page. To bring the program in-house, contact us at info@learningmindsgroup.com.

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