Leadership Resilience

Course Overview

In an era of unending change, resilience will determine your long-term success, both as a leader and together as an organization. Resilience is the modern test of leadership, both in how to embody it and how to help others achieve it.

On an individual level, resilience is the ability to respond positively to adversity. On a collective level, resilience is the ability to rally together to adapt in the event of risk or even catastrophe. Leaders can determine whether teams fall apart or come together to adapt to world to come.

Training Focus

Our Resilience Training for Leaders focuses on:

  • Self-Mastery: understand your strengths, your blind spots, and how events during your day may trigger you to lose control of your presence and self-confidence.
  • Sense-Making: continually scan the horizon and put preventative efforts in place to avoid foreseeable disruptions.
  • Responsive Strategies: adopt agile and nimble processes to respond quickly to unforeseen changes while learning together over time.
  • Regenerative Systems: build slack and excess capacity into your people systems to ensure your folks are truly capable of bouncing back.

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