Lateral Thinking

Program Overview

Lateral Thinking is a deliberate, systematic, step-by-step process designed to uncover powerful new solutions by moving your thinking beyond the predictable.

This workshop introduces participants to De Bono’s key concepts about the nature of creativity. Creativity is not a mystical talent that some are born with but a skill that anyone can acquire by learning this set of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools and techniques. With practice, you will be able to generate ideas and perceptions more easily. The participant will learn a structured systematic approach which will help the user to ‘think outside the box’ and go beyond the limitations of brainstorming. It is the toolkit for anyone who wants to be the trailblazer in tomorrow’s world.

June2-4,2021  |  10:00a.m-01:00p.m

Facilitator: Dr.SunilGupta