Innovation Dna

Course Overview

There is an unmet need for highly trained leaders who can unleash the creative spirit and create a culture of innovation. In this rigorous program you will learn to rejuvenate your workplace. Many companies focus on streamlining and cost cutting to achieve short-term earnings growth. Successful managers, on the other hand, understand the critical role that innovation plays in their organization’s success. This intensive program challenges you to take a candid look at your personal leadership style, values and impact. With guidance from expert facilitator, you’ll explore ways to instill an innovation mindset and culture within your organization and constantly improve how you relate to, interact with and inspire your people.

Best Corporate Trainers

Participants will be able to

  • Create their personal innovation leadership plan
  • Lead the creation of an innovative culture within the organization and empower their employees to sustain it
  • Recognize the innovation-related needs of their employees and help them solve problems in creative ways
  • Acquire tools and techniques for effectively leading and motivating innovators

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