How To Get Organized: 5 Ways to Organize Your Workspace Now

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By Team Learning Minds

Are you an organized person? Is your workspace cluttered with files or is it neatly compartmentalized? What do you think, are organizational skills innate or learned?

All individuals follow unique working strategies. Some are spontaneous workers, and some are planners. However, staying organized is not restricted to any one individual. It is the ability to effectively manage time, identify priorities, break down complex tasks into simple ones and communicate clearly. These behaviors fall under the umbrella of organizational skills which ensure that work takes on a sequential process, no information is omitted, and all goals are achieved. These behaviors are learned throughout an individual’s life. They can be mastered through constant conscious practice.

It is a misconception to believe that disorganized surroundings and conducts don’t affect work performance. It may lead to complacency as individuals may not correct it because they think its how they have always been. Moreover, it may lead to low commitment towards goals and them constantly being changed. Thus, work may not be completed on time and objectives may not be met.

Thus, individuals can exercise productive organizational skills in all their tasks to internalize it until it’s an unconscious effort. Here are 5 tips through which you can be more organized.

  • Set Priorities

Plan the next day in the night and make a list of your ‘MTT’ – Most Important Things. Through this, you will have a clear direction of what needs to be accomplished. Make sure you review it throughout the day and adjust it to your schedule.

  • Don’t Leave Your Desk Cluttered

Professionals pay great attention to their appearance and the state of their surroundings. These elements impact the view other people have of you. Thus, categorize your desk objects and give each object its designated place. Clean your desk before you leave it and before going home. A clean desk enables stimulation of new and creative ideas.

  • Never Leave Anything Undone

Productive people never leave anything half-way done. It might seem tempting to delay work but this will only lead to chaos later. Do not procrastinate and complete tasks as they come with full attention. This will make it easier and will not complicate things. You will find it easier to track where your progress is and how to effectively end all tasks.

  • Use Technology To Your Advantage

We are surrounded by technology in our daily lives. Thus, it is up to us to befriend it and use it in a way that benefits us. There are multiple applications that remind individuals about tasks to be done and meetings to attend us. One of them is Evernote. It aids in creating short notes throughout the day. These applications are smart and help us complete work in time.

  • Project Into The Future

View tasks in a teleological approach. Adjust your present self in order to make things convenient for your future self. Identify gaps or mistakes that can arise in tasks and fix them beforehand. Ask yourself, “What could I do before or during this appointment to improve it”. Use preventive measures in order to increase task fulfillment, ease and happiness for your future self.

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