Great Managers Academy

Course Overview

If your management development efforts aren’t paying off, chances are you’re not using Great Managers Academy™. Not all management development programs are created equal, and there’s a sizable difference between what delivers results and what doesn’t. That’s what sets GMA apart! Transform your frontline managers into exceptional catalyst leaders with GMA, a comprehensive competency-based management development system. GMA can transform managers into the exceptional leaders your organization needs them to be— and exceptional people, even outside of the workplace!

Management Development Program

Participants will be able to

  • Recognize the importance of development to the success of individuals, teams, and the organization
  • Achieve results through others by building strong interpersonal relationships
  • Convey clear expectations for what their direct reports should be achieving and how
  • Delegate with increased confidence
  • Manage performance on an ongoing basis while working within the organization’s time parameters for goal setting and performance reviews
  • Identify common workplace behaviors that can build, sustain, or break trust
  • Minimize or prevent conflict by promoting a culture of trust, mutual respect, and collaboration
  • More quickly evaluate possible solutions and make high-quality decisions when time is limited
  • Minimize the impact of chronic performance problems on people, productivity, and profitability
  • Encourage people to take ownership of, and be accountable for, their work performance

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