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Written by Naveed Ilyas Saya, Senior Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Learning Minds Group

We all operate in an increasingly complex commercial and professional environment that requires us to negotiate on a daily basis. We don’t only negotiation with customers, clients, suppliers and contractors, but also with managers, fellow employees and colleagues within our own organization.

No matter what you need to negotiate, following are the FIVE most powerful tips which will enhance your negotiation skills

Tip # 1DO prepare. Always!

Best negotiators always prepare as intuition doesn’t help all the time. Have as much information as possible about the organization, the kind of deal your prospect is looking for, and the person you will be negotiating with. Information is the most important source of power in negotiations.

Tip # 2DO listen to others.

We all have two ears and one tongue. We should at least listen twice as much as we speak. We usually get caught up in talking when we are eager to make a business deal. Successful negotiators always listen more than they talk.

Tip # 3DO use a friendly approach.

Negotiation is not a war. Warmth and friendliness go a long way when it comes to business negotiations. You will be surprised by how a friendly approach can lead to shared common ground and which can in turn help in negotiations. Becoming too friendly is also not a good approach !

Tip # 4DO know when to say YES and when to say NO.

Before going into negotiations, do you homework on options which are acceptable and the ones which will not be acceptable at all. This will help in making the right decision when negotiating. This homework will help you when you are required to make a decision on the spot.

Tip # 5DO control your emotions.

When it comes to business negotiations, don’t let your emotions direct your approach. Successful negotiators always stay calm and friendly even when others on the table aren’t.