Dr. Arif Pyarali

Senior Consultant, Workplace Relationship & Performance Expert

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotional Intelligence at Workplace
  • First Time Managers Program
  • Personal Excellence
  • MAST (Managing, Anger, Stress & Time)
  • Breakthrough Performance
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Leadership at All Levels
  • Art of Connection


Dr. Arif Pyarali is a Senior Consultant and Keynote Speaker focused on unlocking potential, amplifying performance and strengthening workplace relationships.

Dr. Arif is World Bank IFC Business Edge Program Certified Trainer, World Bank IFC Business Edge Program Certified Instructional Designer & Certified Master Trainer from The Sohail Zindani Company. These world class certifications not only equip him with world-class content but also empower him to understand human side of work, elevate their being & transform performance.

Since joining Learning Minds, Dr. Arif has played a number of different roles, including trainer and organizational consultant. As a Director Training Solutions, Dr. Arif leads Learning Minds in sales, marketing and business strategy and execution.

His humility, careful listening, and deep respect for the unique nature of each person, culture, and business context makes him most effective for the clients he facilitates.

He is a change agent who meticulously prepares for his programs and ensures that he improves on his content by 25% every year. As a passionate learner, he has authored many articles on personal and professional development issues with his current efforts directed towards his own book. With a 92% satisfaction level from participants and 80% clients rewarding repeat business.

In all of his trainings, Dr. Pyarali demonstrates the correlation between performance, productivity & profits. Challenging the preconceived notion of what success really is and how to achieve it.

Clients Include

ENI Pakistan, PPL, Getz Pharma, IBL, Novo Nordisk, SSGC, Total Parco, Artistic Milliners, Pakistan Cables, Junaid Jamshed, TCS, Habib Oil Mills, Hinopak Motors Limited, Jubilee General, APL Logisitcs, Marriott, United Bank Limited, JS Bank, PARCO, Hilton Pharma, Indus Hospital, Haleeb Foods, Bulleshah Packages, CDC, TPL Corp, Lotte-Akhtar Beverages, PSO, DoctHers, Sehat Kahani, etc.

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