Certificate In Business Communication

Course Overview

You often have command over the subject matter. You also put together good content. But when it’s time to communicating it all, the execution doesn’t complement your preparation. Or even worse, you see people not being interested or matching your enthusiasm. Is there something that you missed?

The program uses a problem-based methodology where the participants acknowledge and find solutions to the hurdles they face while presenting. The participants will be simulating everything they learn during the program may it be impromptu speeches, creating content, or using the non-verbal communication.

Participants will be able to

  • Make your message more impactful and get the results you want.
  • Understand the three key elements of communication.
  • Learn some strong and clear communication strategies that will help you improve your listening, your delivery, your correspondence, and your effectiveness.
  • Use the strategies learned from the workshop across departments, teams, and cultures and get through communication blockers.

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