Business Communication Skills

Course Overview

In this program the participants will learn tools and techniques to improve the quality of their written and verbal communication strategies. Many of us get blocked, lost, anxious and confused when forced to put our thoughts into words. Whether it’s a two-line email or other forms of communication, their written communications will improve, and they will feel more confident about their next writing assignment.

Learning Objectives – Quick View:

  • Streamline the writing process
  • Online communication in a professional context
  • Write with clarity and conciseness
  • Global business email etiquette
  • Analyze “readability” levels
  • Practice critiquing/editing personal writing samples
  • Recognize communication logjams: Jargon, clichés, passive voice
  • Apply effective word choice and parallel structure
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Steps to keep your tone professional

Featured Trainer

Meena Valli Mohammed


Nadia Sayeed

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