Bite-sized Learning

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By Team Learning Minds

With ever increasing information sources and ever decreasing attention spans, we have arrived at a point in time where every day we get to find something very new, very different and very unusual than before, and it may take even less than a second to shift our focus from one thing to another.

Living with such distractions , it has become more difficult than ever for L&D professionals to keep the learners engaged during learning sessions. How can they make sure the stuff they are designing is  well-received by people while at the same time making sure the learning objectives are met as well?

The answer to this seemingly difficult question is simple: by breaking information into small, consumable chunks.


Bite sized learning is a focused learning intervention which is generally no longer than 90 minutes. This learning delivery format is quickly gaining popularity and for good reason.

With the corporate training landscape evolving at a rapid pace, the learning needs of the modern learning are evolving just as fast.

Today, employees are are distracted and overloaded with information. Their expectations, training needs, and learning preferences are diverging from the well-beaten paths we’ve mapped out in the past. People are busy, they multi-task, and work from anywhere, including their mobile devices.

By allowing learners to view training in manageable chunks which they can fit around their busy schedules, bite-sized learning solutions address the learning needs of the modern, distracted learner.


Learning Minds have always believed in the idea of delivering training in a variety of formats to cater to diverse learning styles. To make learning more fun, engaging and interactive, especially during the month of Ramadan, we’re introducing high-energy, high-impact, bite-sized learning sessions on a diverse variety of topics.

To learn more about these sessions and to know how you can bring them in-house, contact us at

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