7 Keys to Unlock Happiness at Work

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By Team Learning Minds

Working with big organizations is what every individual dreams about. These big names have been at the forefront of being a motivating employer with perks. Organizations these days offer perks for employees that are the state of the art in benefits. Ever wondered why these organizations try to provide best workplaces with those lavish perks? Obviously to enable employees to spend “Happy” time at work and to create work-life balance.

But unfortunately, despite being facilitated, employees often seem to be unhappy at workplaces with stoned faces. As it’s been said that contributing to an organization as “happy employee” increases productivity and profitability. But it’s important to understand that the fundamental responsibility of experiencing happiness at work also rests with employees. You can bring joy and spark to your work places with the following:

1. Bring Your Passion To Work

While working on same agendas everyday you might start feeling that there is nothing new left in your current job. But you can always find something you can enjoy doing and be happy about at your workplace. Just bring your skills and interests and plan to do something new to add value.

2.Take Charge Of Your Development

Working without any organized agenda may cause you feel bad about your position at work. You can take charge of your own growth; instead of comparing your performance with others, be focused on your own processes. It’s good to move forward with your personally developed plan and goals.

3.Communicate It Well

People often feel left out at work because of not receiving any adequate information regarding organizational matters. It also happens when you wait for your boss or co-workers to fill you in with information. This can be a two-way thing if you are really interested just communicate it with the people around. Seek to learn from others rather than thinking about yourself as a lost thing.

4.Feedback Is Important

If your performance is what makes you happy at workplace so don’t wait instead opt for feedback from your boss. Even if you are feeling positive about your performance you can ask for an acknowledgment and there is nothing bad about it. And if you are not positive just discuss with your boss and work on improving and making a sincere contribution.

5.Run Away From Negativity

One most important thing is to avoid negative conversations at workplace. Consider it that no matter how positively you gear up for your day, one single negative comment or thought is enough to ruin it all. negative people have a profound impact on your psyche, so don’t let them bring you down. Maintain a distance and be happy.

 6.Manage Your Conflicts

Conflicts can be disastrous for your happiness if you don’t know how to deal with them. Try your best to avoid any such situation but if it happens make it meaningful so it becomes less harmful and hurtful. Listen to learn and present your opinion diplomatically without playing any blame game it will safeguard your time and happiness.

7.Build Positive Alliances

In his landmark book “The Complete New Manager” John H Zenger has mentioned that it’s important to build positive alliances with tact and trust. Building positive associations with coworkers and respecting their point of views are hallmarks of a happy work experience. Be open to get to know others and move forward with supporting attitude.

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