5 Ways To Innovate: From Ideas To Reality

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By Team Learning Minds

Continuous global advancements challenge all organizations, big and small, to stay relevant and update their work dynamics to lock a place in this intense, unceasing race. Thus, it is imperative that organizations constantly search for ways to innovate their work methods, processes, and their people. This is the one major element that seals the deal in attaining a successful growth strategy for years to come.

This is reiterated by McKinsey’s study which states that 84% of executives say that innovation is important to their growth strategy.

Innovation is essential for all organizations in this day and age. And, we know that it may seem intimidating and time-consuming, so here are 5 ways through which you can cultivate a culture of innovation and inventiveness at your organization. These will brand your organization as progressive and forward-thinking.

A workplace that is inclusive and brings together people of different backgrounds also brings in a range of unique ideas to the table for each project that arises. Hire individuals who bring in a variety of mindsets so as to view work from different angles and provide original solutions. This will lead to greater performance efficiency.

  • Create A Thinking Area

Aesthetic and calming atmospheres are best for unwinding and brainstorming new ideas. Develop an area in your workplace which gives employees the space to de-clutter their mind, use resources and cross-pollinate their ideas with others. This will lead to boundless idea generation for all aspects of the organization.

  • Abandon The Hierarchy

Creativity that has to pass through approval on multiple levels of hierarchy, is creativity that is lost. Ensure that all inventive ideas are given some time to build up and materialize, so as to not discourage employees from being imaginative and putting their efforts on to these tasks. The employees will feel valued and would portray extra commitment towards their work.

  • Cut Down On The Workload

Employees who are constantly under work stress will not be able to clear their mind and put it to use when inventiveness is being asked for. Cut down on the workload a few times a week and let employees use this free time to work on their individual projects. This will also create happier and relaxed employees.

  • Reward The Innovators

When you reward people who show novelty in their ideas and projects, other employees observe this and imitate the same behavior. So, celebrate your innovators and their efforts, and repay them through special perks and bonuses. This will strengthen the culture of innovation in your organization, and lead to diligent employees who will compete to bring out the best solutions to all types of problems. The startup Fully-Verified is certainly an example that you can look up to in terms of a creative work atmosphere which is therefore a constant source of innovation.

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