5 Tips to make your Mom feel special on Mother’s Day

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By Team Learning Minds

This Mother’s Day let the special woman in your life know how much she means to you by showering her with love, affection and…thoughtful gifts. If you are struggling to find the perfect present for your mother, we’ve got a crazy cool list of ideas that your mom’s absolutely going to love.

1.    Send Her a Handwritten Note

There are many ways to tell your mom how much she means to you – emails, FaceTime, text messages, Snapchat…the list goes on and on! If your mom is tech savvy, that’s great because then you can use any of these mediums to convey your thoughts. However, if your mom is not very fond of digital technologies, you can always use old-school methods like sending a handwritten note.

2.    Treat Her to a Dinner Date

Ask parents their biggest concerns about their relationships with their adult children and many will tell you: not enough time together. Life’s so busy that it can be hard to focus on our relationships especially if you’re not living with your parents.

While phone calls and holiday visits are helpful, setting up a fun day out with your mom can help you connect with your her in a much deeper way. Go to a movie, treat her to a dinner date and the smile you’ll see on her face will make you the happiest person on this planet.

3.    Buy Her a Special Gift

You know your mom’s favorite things. Does she like art? crockery? plants? If you know something your mother would like, get it for her without thinking too much. Your mother will be extremely happy. Gifts are an incredible way to show your mom how much you love her.

If you are on a budget and are looking for ways to tell your mom how she means to you without breaking the bank, you can make something with your own hands. Nothing is more thoughtful or heartfelt than a handmade gift.

4.    Cook A Special Meal for Her

Nothing beats the power of a home-cooked meal prepared with love. After all the meals she’s cooked for you throughout your life, why not treat her with her favorite dish. Nothing says ‘love you mom’ more than cooking her a delicious meal. She would love being pampered and watching you work your magic in the kitchen.

5.    Book a Spa Day

Throughout our childhoods our mothers never missed an opportunity to make us feel as if we were her only reason of her existence. They still spend a great deal of time taking care of everyone in the family and tend to neglect themselves. This is your chance to go out your way and spoil her. Surprise her by making appointment for her to be pampered at a spa. She would absolutely love that.

These were some tips that we wanted to share with you on how you can make your mom feel loved.

At the end of the day, whatever you choose to do for your mom on Mother’s Day will be appreciated. She will love the fact that you actually thought about her and went out of your way to make her day extra special.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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