4 Ways You Can Help the Vulnerable Even If You’re Struggling with Finances

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How often have you reached for your wallet to help the poor on your street, only to find it empty? You’re not alone.

The guilt that comes with being unable to help is real. But rest assured, we have you covered. Here are some useful ways you can help the vulnerable even when you’re low on funds.

Give Your Time

One of the best ways you can help care for the vulnerable is to just be present. Donating your time to an NGO can help you learn first-hand about the problems the under-privileged face daily and what can be done about it.

By simply cleaning an area they live in, lending a hand in a soup kitchen or shelter, helping school children complete their homework, or just being there for moral support.

Be sincerely humble and respectful towards the poor and listen to their problems if they’re willing to share. Often, it can be just the touching and thoughtful gesture they need.

You can also identify organizations that are willing to hire people with the skillset the underprivileged have and connect them to jobs and recruiters who want to take a chance.

By acting as a liaison between trustworthy social welfare organizations and the people on the street, you can also help them discover their capabilities and help them apply it in the right capacity.

Organize Fundraisers for The Homeless

While the idea may sound daunting; holding a fundraiser is often an entertaining and easy method to have people do what they do best for a worth while cause.

Listen to community experts or sit with a group of like-minded friends and colleagues. Write down what everyone likes doing or is good at, and then use these skills to collect funds for the homeless.

Some people might have a knack for baking, or taking pictures, while others may have a good business network which could be useful for collecting donations, raising awareness on social media, or managing events.

Donate The Things You Have in Excess

Let’s face it, there will always be things that you don’t use anymore, and yet, they’re just sitting there untouched. Rather than throwing away your old clothes, shoes, bags, or any excess items, give them away to the poor in your area.

Just make sure you’re not giving away any rotten items or things that look shabby. The key is to make them feel as happy as you would want to feel while receiving gifts.

You can also give away surplus food and water bottles in boxes or containers to the homeless. Take our word for it: the happiness that you see on their faces will be worth all the effort.

Use Your Voice

It may seem unnecessary to raise awareness about the underprivileged groups you know and the things they need. But you never know who is willing to donate and help around.

Use your social media to raise awareness about important and reliable causes or any mobile apps that directly donate to these ventures.

People are often willing to give but are unaware of trustworthy or genuine organizations. You might even be educating those who want to help but don’t know how to go about it.


While donating money to orphans, the poor, or the weak is essential, there are many other ways you can help if you’re in a financial crunch. That feeling of contentment that comes with helping the vulnerable cannot compare to anything you’ll ever purchase. You’ll be surprised by the difference you can make to people’s lives.