3 Tips to Up Your Game From The Book, The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

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By Team Learning Minds

Intellectual Giant. Leadership Guru. Driver of Change. These are a few of the numerous tags that author, motivational speaker and organizational consultant, Simon Sinek, carries with himself wherever he goes. The man has transformed individuals all over the world with vision, work and words. And, he is back with yet another powerful book destined to change the outlook with which the leaders of today conduct their businesses.

The Infinite Game, released in October 2018, holds inside it an abundance of insights, experiences and guidance about the corporate world, which crucial elements need to be modified immediately, and how to drive organizations forward and beyond generations. All of this revolves around understanding that the game of business ends at no finish line, with no winners or losers. Leaders and organizations need to focus on developing an ‘Infinite Mindset’ that challenges the status quo, provides safety, and encourages them to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Here are 3 tips that I took back from this masterpiece of a book, which you can utilize to enhance your vision, your culture of trust and innovation, and sustain your organization’s progress to outlive generations.

  • Transform Your Products

An organization that plays the infinite game of business with a finite mindset makes the mistake of developing products that they want to sell and emphasizes on their own profitability from them. The infinite mindset, on the other hand, sets leaders to the task of putting out products in the market that the people want to buy, and ensures that these are developed so as to benefit the people.

  • Play For The Good Of The Game

Don’t think “What is in this for ME?”, think “What is best for US?”. The infinite mindset diverts leaders’ intentions towards inspiring and discerning what is best for their employees, customers and stakeholders. They believe in creating value for their organizations through boosting those individuals who possess the desire to contribute to the organizations’ abilities to succeed, beyond their own tenure.

  • Let Yourself Be Surprised

Technological advancements, organizational change, uncertainty. Most leaders panic and prefer to stand back when these situations hit. This is because they didn’t anticipate these atmospheric changes, and do not have a back-up plan. However, insightful leaders revel in surprises and are eager to be transformed by them. They do not view technological changes as, “what is going to happen to us?”. Rather, they adjust to the situation and find ways to apply the new technology to their work.

Want to know more about this book before you delve into it? Here’s the link to The Infinite Game Preview which encompasses all these tips and an ocean of revolutionary information: https://simonsinek.com/wpcontent/uploads/2019/06/The-Infinite-Game_Free-Preview.pdf

Give it a read!

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