Dr. Arif Pyarali
Soft is Hard

As a Consultant of Soft Skill Training Program in a reputable Firm of Talent Management Solutions in Pakistan, I have infinitely heard HR executives say that soft skills is all fun and games, and has no impact on personal growth in the long run.

I rest my case in the start by quoting a Study by Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation on Fortune 500 CEO's that 75% of long term job successes depended on people skills, and only 25% on technical skills.

We are living in an era of constant change. Because businesses are becoming are becoming less dictatorial, and more social, the understanding and value of soft skills to an organization is growing daily. According to latest research, 96% of the new jobs in developing countries will be in service related fields where dealing with customers would be an art. It would be more than just having a smile on your face; people will have to develop the state of mind, of welcoming people, which will eventually be developed by soft skill trainings.


Iman Jindani
A Way Out from Depression

Treatment and survival from depression have always remained an ambiguous issue around us today. Medications such an anti-depressants, sleeping pills, are the most common treatment ways to treat this illness, but to me there is still something missing here. What remains incomplete in the treatment of depression is efficient therapy for these people. A therapy not too famous in Karachi is known as Existential therapy; a way to freedom.

Due to not enough awareness, people in our culture still find it quite shameful for a person to go and get psychological help as people would categorize them as mental. But this therapy fits perfect here. This therapy states that we aren't the victims of circumstance, because we are what we choose to be, and once we taken the responsibility and control to make decisions in our lives, we then also get the power to change the situation if we mess up. Secondly, what I have always truly admired is that this therapy doesn't not consider people as being sick so they are not about curing people of illness, rather they say people are sick of their life and are being lazy and so are unable to leave a productive life at their full potential.


Sohail Zindani
Crazy Corporate

What a rhyme it makes! Join me in exploring some of the craziest dimensions of corporate world. I am sure you will love it, and if you don't, you are either not working anywhere, or are doing the same stuff!



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