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Ali Imam Naqvi
Organisational Culture

What is culture?

It is the pattern of basic assumptions that a given organization has invented, discovered or developed in earning to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, and that have worked well enough to be considered valid, and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems. - Professor Schein E.H.

It is usually reinforced by formal personnel policies, procedures, recognition, rewards, rituals and ceremonies.


Nimalan Nadesalingam
Change Management and Business Transformation

The SLII Experience Why the need for effective Change Management capabilities and how to start building it within an organisation.

Over a hundred years ago, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution put forward that only those species that were able to change and adapt to their environments could survive. What is true of nature is also true of any organisation in the business world. Quite simply, in order to survive, organisations must be able to change and transform.


Mansoor Soomro
Businesses Don’t Fail. People Fail.

The SLII ExperienceAdmittedly, people do fail and they do make mistakes. But it is a greater failing if those mistakes are not identified or even worse, if those mistakes are repeated. It is much easier to say: ‘My secretary forgot’, or ‘The production worker overlooked it’, or ‘The supplier is always late’, than to admit that you made a mistake yourself.

Contrary to that, it is seldom appreciated just how many people might contribute to the end product that arrives in the hands of a happy customer. After all, quality products and services all begin and end with quality people. Talking about an agro-textile company, you will be surprised how it starts with a farmer, which in turn goes to weaving mill, to a designer, to a production line at a factory, to a finished garment, to a wholesaler, to a distributor- all this until you finally buy a shirt from a retail outlet!

It is the entire chain that contributes. As is said that ‘a chain is as strong as its weakest link’. This applies to organizations as well whether their workforce is five or five thousand. There can be record-breaking performances in one section, but if someone in another department drops the link along the way, the pursuit for business efficiency can be lost. Customers don’t really care who dropped the link along the way. They are only interested in the final delivery across the finishing line. This is where a thing called ‘customer service’ comes in.

Many organizations flaunt customer service without truly appreciating what it really means. True customer care goes beyond lip service. It goes beyond product knowledge and politeness. It goes beyond procedures and quality standards. That’s not to say that these aren’t important components in an overall customer strategy, but the icing on the cake, so to speak, is the genuine care factor.



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